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Explore STEM at home

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Encourage your child to get involved in STEM through everyday activities.

STEM at home: early years

Young children are natural scientists as they explore their world, generate new ideas, identify problems and explore solutions through a sense of wonder and play.

As your child’s first teacher, you can encourage your child to:

  • make observations
  • test their ideas
  • share their discoveries.

Ask open-ended questions about what they know and what interests them – such as:

  • Why do you think that happens?
  • How do you think this works?
  • How could we find out?
  • I wonder what would happen if …

Fun STEM activities at home

  • Cooking – explore the tools you use, where the ingredients come from and what happens when you mix ingredients together
  • Gardening – try simple experiments such as growing a seed in a jar or growing herbs in the garden
    • Ask your child why they think seedlings need soil, sunlight and water to grow into healthy plants
    • Find out what insects you can find in the garden
    • Consider how worms help plants
  • Construction toys – when children create structures with these toys, they’re using critical thinking, reasoning, problem-solving and engineering design skills.

More fun ideas at home

Learning about STEM through books

STEM at home: primary and middle years

Children and young people can explore science and technology as a hobby such as writing code to create a robot or to create music or art.

As early as year 4, students start to think about future careers. Help guide your child to learn about the diverse range of STEM careers and how these careers are helping people and society. This can help students to see the relevance of studying science, mathematics and technology into the middle and senior years at school.

Activities and resources to explore at home

Places to visit

  • Australian Space Discovery Centre – there’s much more. to space than being an astronaut. Learn about the exciting activities happening right here on Earth.
  • The MOD – a futuristic museum at the University of South Australia
  • Nature Play SA – ideas to bring nature to children’s learning.

STEM Learning Team

Phone: 8463 5926
EmailEducation.STEM [at] sa.gov.au