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Girls in STEM

This page lists resources for girls interested in studying STEM, or entering a STEM industry.

While more females than ever before are entering the STEM workforce, they are still under-represented. Only 16% of university and VET STEM graduates are female (PDF 347KB).

Research shows that girls perform just as well as boys in STEM subjects (PDF 233KB)  if they are interested, engaged and motivated.

In year 12, however, boys outnumber girls 4 to 1 in physics, and almost 2 to 1 in advanced mathematics. While technology is increasingly a part of our everyday lives, boys outnumber girls more than 10 to 1 in year 12 Digital Technologies.

There are many inspiring female role models – scientists, technicians, engineers and mathematicians working in diverse fields of employment, solving problems and designing products that are improving our lives.

The Girls in STEM toolkit  has activities, resources, case studies, lessons and study pathways for girls.

The Girls in STEM career quiz  helps students to discover STEM careers based on the activities they enjoy.  

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