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Instrumental music lessons

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Instrumental music lessons are offered to support classroom music programs.

Access to lessons

Students can apply for instruction for 1 instrument only, including voice. If a student is learning from a private teacher, they may not learn the same instrument from a department teacher.

Instrumental Music will support a mid-year intake of beginners at the start of the second semester if:

  • there are not enough enrolled students to support the music program
  • students are part of semester course selections.

Primary schools

Student access to lessons in primary schools is based on the availability of IM resources.

Secondary schools

Student access to lessons in secondary schools depends on student enrolment in classroom music programs where instrumental performance is a key component.

Provided instruments and minimum year levels



Year level

 String (violin, viola and cello)

Year 3

 Brass, woodwind, percussion,
 classical guitar, double bass and recorder

Year 5

 Voice, electric bass and
 electric guitar

Year 8

Class sizes

Beginner classes

Beginner classes must be a minimum of 4 students and a maximum of 8 students.

Stage 2 classes

The study of solo performance students are entitled to one-on-one lessons.

Ensemble performance students are not entitled to one-one-one lessons.

Special interest music schools

One-on-one lessons are provided where the student has an entitlement.

Music Programs

Phone: 8226 1883
Emaileducation.musicprograms [at] sa.gov.au