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Music programs in schools

Music programs provide opportunities to enhance student learning, achievement and performance in music and arts education.

Music is part of the Australian Curriculum – Arts and SACE

Benefits of music in schools

  • Music programs have been shown to increase attendance and participation in school activities and enable participation of students who aren't performing well in the general curriculum.
  • Literacy and numeracy standards are lifted by continuous participation in musical education including creating, making and understanding music.
  • Music education is used to build social inclusion and reduce disadvantage.

For more information go to the national review of school music education - augmenting the diminished, which describes best practice for music education in Australian schools.

For the latest research related to neuroscience and music education see the work of Dr Anita Collins and Bigger Better Brains

Instrumental tuition within the music program

Instrumental music tuition complements the classroom music program by providing knowledge and skills in practical music making on an instrument or voice.

To access instrumental music tuition, contact your school. For all other queries, contact music programs

Music programs

The Music Programs team coordinates:

  • Instrumental Music
  • Primary Schools Music Festival
  • monitoring of private music instructors who work in SA government schools
  • support for programs provided by Musica Viva in Schools and Adelaide Youth Orchestra.

Instrumental music education

Instrumental music education in SA government schools is delivered through Instrumental Music.

Music ensembles and orchestras

Multiple ensembles are available through Instrumental Music and Primary Schools Music Festival (PSMF). See SA Central school ensembles and PSMF orchestras for more information.

The music education strategy

The Music Education Strategy will improve the delivery of music education in public schools, and provide greater pathways for students to pursue further study and careers in the music industry. 


Music Education Strategy

Phone: 8226 1537
Email: education.musicstrategy [at] sa.gov.au