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How to change a governing council’s constitution – schools

Before you start

There is information about when and why to change a council constitution. If your council does need to change its constitution it has to be approved by the minister. The minister also has the power to change constitutions.

These steps are for when a school wants to change the constitution for a:

Amending the constitution

A meeting needs to be held to suggest a change as part of a special resolution. At least 21 days written notice must be given to all members of the council.

The meeting can either be an ordinary council meeting or a general meeting.  

Voting on an amendment

A majority of the council must agree to the changes and special resolution. The majority must be no less than three quarters of members. The members can vote in person or by proxy.

Keep a record

Any changes that your council wants to make to the constitution must be recorded in the minutes.

Request the change

A copy of the minutes should be attached to a letter as supporting documentation. Both documents are then sent to the Partnership, Schools and Preschool division.


Once approved, the new constitution will be sent in hard copy to the chairperson. The education director and the site’s principal will receive an electronic copy. An approved constitution will have an ‘approved by’ stamp on the front page, and will be signed and dated.

A change to the constitution is not valid until it has been submitted and approved in writing by the minister (or their delegate).

Preschools – different steps

There are different steps to change the constitution for a preschool.


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