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Preschool constitutions for governing councils

Please note the Education and Children’s Services Act (2019) comes into effect on 1 July 2020, this Act repeals the Children’s Services Act (1985). As a result, the preschool model constitution will be impacted and is currently under review.

Should you wish to amend your current preschool constitution, please contact the department to discuss your proposed changes.

Preschool constitutions are quite different to school constitutions. The preschool model constitution was based on meeting the legislative requirements of the former Children’s Services Act (1985).

If you aren’t sure about which constitution your site needs, please contact us

Your preschool's approved constitution

What it looks like

An approved constitution has an ‘approved by’ signature on the front page. It should be signed and dated.

Where it’s kept

There must be a copy of the approved constitution kept at the preschool.

When to change it

You shouldn’t need to change your preschool’s constitution often. The only times it should need to change are when the:

  • preschool’s name changes
  • composition of the membership needs to change.

Steps to change an approved preschool constitution

Check, decide, document

  • Check minimum requirements for membership. A good size is between 5 and 25.
  • Decide on the changes you need (name change, membership structure).
  • Document any changes and decisions.

Questions and any other changes

Contact the  Preschool Policy and Programs on 8226 2794 or by email Education.ECSupport [at] sa.gov.au

Forward proposed changes

Preschool Policy and Programs
Level 15, 31 Flinders Street
Adelaide SA 5000

or via courier R11/36
or email to Education.ECSupport [at] sa.gov.au


The new signed and dated constitution will be sent back to your preschool.

Confirm approval (ratify)

The committee/council will confirm the approval of the constitution at either a special general meeting or an annual general meeting.

This final step is also known as ‘ratifying’ the approved constitution.

Preschool Policy and Programs

Phone: 8226 2794
Email: education.ecsupport [at] sa.gov.au
Mail: GPO Box 1152, Adelaide SA 5001