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Approved constitutions for governing councils and committees

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Every government school offering courses of instruction in preschool, primary or secondary education must have a governing council which operates under a constitution that has been approved by the Minister for Education.

Some schools will also have a committee that is affiliated with the governing council, which is known as an affiliated committee.  Affiliated committees must also have their own constitution that has been approved by the Minister. 

Your site's constitutions will be based on a model constitution. The content of the model constitutions has been approved by the Minister and cannot be changed without getting approval from the department.

Your school's approved constitution

What it looks like

An approved constitution has an ‘approved by’ stamp on the front page. It will be signed and dated by the Minister or their delegate.

Where it’s kept

There must be a copy of the approved constitution kept at the school.

When to change it

You should not need to change your school’s constitution often. Some of the times you can change it are when:

You can only change specific elements of the constitution like the school name and the composition of the council membership. See when to change an approved constitution for more information.

Legal status

It's your school’s governing council constitution that sets its legal status. This means your governing council is an incorporated body.

Constitutions – documents and approvals


Approval templates

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