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Eligibility – school and governing councils

The structure and membership of every council is detailed in the site’s constitution. This can be different for each site (school/preschool) as every constitution’s membership is tailored to fit local needs.

If you’re interested in being on your site’s council there are some specific requirements you need to meet.

Who can be on a council

The example memberships show an overview of council structures.

Who cannot be on a council

You cannot be on a governing council or a school council if you have been:

  • bankrupt
  • convicted of any offence of dishonesty, or of a sexual nature involving a minor, or of violence against a person.

Some people will also need to meet relevant history screening requirements. If you do, you’ll need to fulfil that before you can be a member of the council. If elected, you won’t be considered a member until you have met the requirements. You’ll only be an ‘elected person’.

If you have questions about eligibility, please contact us.

Office bearers – chairperson and treasurer

These roles must meet the standard eligibility (above) and there are also some extra requirements.


The chairperson must not be:

  • an employee at the school or preschool
  • a department employee
  • an employee of any other department that the minister is responsible for.

This also applies to the deputy chairperson, if your council has one.


The treasurer must not be:

  • an employee at the school or preschool.


There are no extra eligibility requirements.


Governing Councils, Office for Education and Early Childhood

Phone: 8226 9617
EmailEducation.sitegovernance [at] sa.gov.au