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STEM Scholarships

A scholarship fund has been created to support high school students from under-represented groups (low socioeconomic status and Aboriginal learners) to pursue science and mathematics (STEM) subjects at SACE Stage 1 and 2 level.

The scholarships support students to achieve their best possible Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) through targeted financial support to pursue STEM subjects and pathways. The fund covers the cost of tutors, laptops, excursions or any other strategy that directly supports the student to achieve in their chosen STEM subjects and pathways.

Public school secondary students undertaking SACE stage 1 STEM subjects in 2020 and SACE stage 2 subjects in 2021 are encouraged to apply.


To apply for this scholarship you must be:

  • commencing SACE Stage 1 in 2020 with the intention of completing SACE Stage 2
  • enrolled in a government school
  • the holder of a school card (not required for Aboriginal learners)
  • demonstrating an interest in STEM subjects (C minimum in year 10 math and science)
  • intending to pursue at least 1 of the following SACE Stage 2 subjects; Mathematics (Methods or Specialist), Chemistry or Physics
  • willing to participate in a mentoring program held in a location other than the students school
  • willing to participate in other activities that expand awareness of STEM careers
  • willing to participate in activities that encourage a STEM learning mindset
  • willing to attend a STEM scholarship induction with the teacher-mentor.

How to apply

There are 3 forms that all need to be completed.

Form 1: student information and nomination form (PDF 661KB) 
This form needs to be completed by the student along with their teacher-mentor and must include the budget items listed below.

Form 2: teacher mentor support statement (PDF 604KB)
This form needs to be completed by the teacher-mentor to support the student’s application.
Form 3: principal support statement (PDF 647KB)
The teacher-mentor arranges for the school principal to complete this form that supports the student’s application and provides information on how the mentoring will work in the school environment.

Closing date

Friday 6 September 2019

Tips for preparing your application

Read this page and the 3 forms thoroughly before starting. Take time to gather any necessary documentation or information you will need to submit to support your application.

Although there is no right or wrong way to prepare an application, we recommend that you first talk with your parents or guardian, and complete the application along with the teacher who will mentor you for the duration of the scholarship.

Your application should reflect you – your achievements, your aspirations and your passions for STEM learning.

Obtain proof of enrolment and a copy of your most recent school report that includes subjects you have completed and your results for them.

Budget items

As part of the application, the student must complete a budget. The items listed in the budget must support the successful completion of the STEM SACE subjects the student will study.
All budgets must include:

Hired tutors must have an ABN. The following pages have examples of tutors (these aren't endorsed by the department). Other examples are available through an internet search.

Items that will not usually be funded from scholarship money include:

  • vehicles
  • cameras
  • gaming consoles
  • phones
  • overseas travel
  • interstate travel not related to STEM studies.

If the applicant wishes to discuss the items to include in the budget, contact the STEM Scholarship Project team by email education.stemscholarships [at] sa.gov.au or phone the STEM Project Administration Officer, Robyn Hansen, on 8463 5804.

Assessment of applications

All applications are assessed by a panel of representatives from industry, the department, secondary school principals and the Aboriginal community.

All applicants, their school and parents or guardians will be advised of the outcome of the scholarship in November 2019.


A teacher-mentor is a teacher from the student’s school who will mentor the student for the duration of their scholarship, which is usually 2 years. The teacher-mentor should be someone the student knows or is comfortable speaking with. If awarded a scholarship, the teacher-mentor will:

  • assist in preparing and submitting the scholarship application
  • monitor student attendance, participation and wellbeing and make intervention strategies available when required
  • mentor the student regarding subject selections, STEM pathways, mentoring programs and careers
  • support the student to manage scholarship funds and department financial obligations
  • be the contact person for the STEM Scholarship Project team and provide all required data for the duration of the scholarship
  • attend the STEM scholarships induction with the student
  • consult with Math, Science and Technology teachers to determine student dispositions to STEM learning
  • meet regularly with the student and submit reports to the STEM project administration officer.


When a student is awarded a scholarship, the principal of the student’s school agrees to:

  • endorse that the student applying is the applicant and is capable of meeting the criteria outlined in the application
  • make sure the application and relevant documents are sent to the STEM Scholarships Project team by 6 September 2019
  • manage the scholarship grant through the schools existing financial structures in line with the department’s financial and auditing guidelines
  • provide the STEM Scholarships Project team with relevant reports such as results and attendance records at the end of each term
  • make sure the teacher-mentor can undertake the required duties.

More specific information about how to achieve these is available in form 3: principal support statement (PDF 647KB).

Successful applicants

All applicants, their school and parents or guardians will be advised of the outcome of the scholarship in November 2019.

Accessing scholarship funds

Successful applicants will have scholarship money transferred to their school. To access scholarship funds, students can:

  • provide the proof of purchase for a budget item to the school and get reimbursed
  • or request a purchase order from the school and obtain the item from a supplier recommended by the school.

Ongoing requirements

To continue to receive the scholarship, the student must demonstrate ongoing enrolment and achievement in the required STEM subjects for SACE Stage 1 and Stage 2.

The scholarship will end if the scholarship recipient stops attending school or studying the eligible STEM subjects of Advanced Mathematics, Physics or Chemistry.


The department will need to collect personal information from you to administer the STEM scholarships.

The department complies with the Government of South Australia's Information Privacy Principles (IPPs). This document contains the privacy principles that apply to the collection, use, disclosure and handling of personal information. If you have any further questions about the department's privacy obligations, email the STEM Scholarship Project team.

The information collected will be used to select scholarship recipients and assist with the monitoring of the successful recipients progress and expenditure of scholarship funds. It will not be disclosed except in line with the IPP's and the department’s Privacy policy.

This information will be stored securely.


STEM scholarships program

Phone: 8463 5804
Email: education.STEMScholarships [at] sa.gov.au