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Aboriginal community education officers (ACEOs) – about the role

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An Aboriginal community education officer (ACEO) supports individual Aboriginal students and their families within the school and preschool community.

ACEO 46/52 workers work term time only but are paid throughout the holidays, or 46 weeks of pay averaged out over 52 weeks.

Any available positions will be advertised on Edujobs (the Department for Education jobs board).


The role of an Aboriginal community education officer includes:

  • working with teachers in the implementation of Aboriginal Cultural Studies and Aboriginal perspectives in curriculum design and delivery
  • administrative functions such as record keeping, reporting writing and maintaining files and information on Aboriginal students
  • contributing to site learning plans and individual learning plans to improve Aboriginal student social development, wellbeing and learning
  • helping teaching staff develop and maintain relationships with Aboriginal students, parents and families
  • promoting an Aboriginal community voice in educational decision-making
  • providing advice on the cultural diversity of Aboriginal groups.

Appointment details and definitions

Appointment details

  • Full time/part time appointment with leave conditions – working 46/52 weeks per year. Entitled to paid sick leave, recreation leave and special leave, long service leave and payment for public holidays not worked.
  • Casual appointment with 25% loading – working term time only. Not entitled to any paid leave except special leave at the discretion of the employer and long service leave.
  • Full time/part time appointment as an Aboriginal Community Education Officer (ACEO) – working 46/52, 15 to 35hpw attendance at work per week including special and cultural and long service leave.

Employment conditions

Applicants for this position must be of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander descent.

Salary and conditions of employment are contained in the:

School-based ACEOs are paid at a rate for full-time employees for 35 hours attendance at work per week. 

This is in recognition of the role they undertake, pursuant to clause 5.1.7 of the Aboriginal Education Workers (Department for Education) award and provides some acknowledgement for cultural knowledge and of community responsibilities.

People and Culture

Phone: 8226 1356
Email: education.hr [at] sa.gov.au