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Hourly paid instructor classification levels

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An hourly paid instructor (HPI) is employed on a short-term basis to carry out a required task.

They usually work on an individual basis within the school or preschool community.

Swimming and aquatics instructors have different working arrangements.

HPI duties fall in to 1 of 4 classification levels:

Class 1

Whole-school programs involving exceptional skills and expertise. This may be paid at the maximum hourly HPI rate.

Class 2

A tertiary qualification is usually required or being an expert in their field who has responsibility for a program.

Class 3

A minimum of a diploma qualification is required. This level includes substantial planning, preparation and leading sessions. 

The person is required to have academic qualifications relevant to the activity with relevant specialised academic qualifications, expertise and skills in designated areas (eg, drama, art).

Class 4

No minimum qualification is required.

These employees assist with programs under the supervision of a teacher or a higher-level HPI. Duties primarily include instruction of groups of students in an area of expertise that normally does not require substantial preparation or involve high academic content. Examples include art, craft, lifestyle, para-professional or trades related activities.

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