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Keeping your RAN-EC current — employees

To work or volunteer in education in South Australia, you need to do mandatory notification training. This is sometimes called RAN-EC. Your RAN-EC training must be kept current.

This information is for all education sector employees.

How to know if your RAN-EC is still current

If you have done RAN-EC training you should have received a certificate. The expiry date is printed on that certificate. If you completed the appropriate RAN-EC training in 2018, the expiry date is 31 December 2021.

If you undertook online update training in 2018 and can’t find your certificate of completion you can log in to Plink and download it. You’ll need to look for your list of completed sessions.

A screen capture of the completed certificates link in the Plink website. It's a rosette ribbon icon with the words Completed sessions.

Is it still possible to do a RAN-EC update course if my certificate has expired?


RAN-EC training is run on a 3 year cycle. The current cycle started January 2018. The first time most people do the foundation course it is delivered face-to-face.  Once you have your foundation knowledge, you can stay current by doing an update version of the course online.

In each cycle, the update is only available for the first year. After that, anyone with an expired RAN-EC certificate must do the foundation course.  

Training expiry dates

Training cycle

Type of course

Training still available?

Certification expiry date

2018-2020 (current)

Face-to-face (foundation)

Available until 31 December 2020

31 December 2021

2018-2020 (current)

Online (update)

No longer available as an update course

31 December 2021


Face-to-face (foundation)


31 December 2018


Online (update)


31 December 2018

What happens if your RAN-EC certificate has expired

If your RAN-EC training took place in the previous cycle (2015-2017) and you have not done the 2018-2020 update, your training is now out-of-date. Your RAN-EC certificate has expired.

You must do the RAN-EC foundation course.


You might be able to do the 2018-2020 update, instead of a foundation course, if you meet certain exemptions.

Expiry dates for Bridging course: child safe environments to RAN-EC

The bridging course is tied to your child safe environments training. Your child safe environments training must be current.

It does not expire on the same date as the core RAN-EC courses.


RAN-EC support and access to training

Technical support for online courses Contact your organisation’s ICT helpdesk.
For help to log in, get online or view online content.

Other RAN-EC enquiries 

Contact your organisation: 

  • Department for Education — government schools
    Email: education.RANEC [at] sa.gov.au 
  • Catholic Education SA — for people working with Catholic schools
    Phone: 8301 6600 (ask for the RAN help desk)
  • Association of Independent Schools of SA — for people working or volunteering with independent schools
    Phone: 8179 1400