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Swimming Sapsasa state championship

The swimming Sapsasa state championships are for students selected in district teams. Students with disabilities participate representing their school. Find out more about the event and how to participate.

Who can participate

To participate in a district team, swimmers must

  • be in years 4 to 7 at an affiliated school
  • aged 10 to 13 years old

To participate as a student with disabilities as above plus, swimmers should hold a classification. 

Athlete age is calculated as at 31 December in the year of the event. For example, a student turning

  • 10 years old in 2021 competes in the 10 year old events.
  • 12 years old in 2021 competes in the 12 year old events.

Athletes must compete in their age group.

14 year olds in primary school participation

In track and field 14 year old athletes in primary school can compete with 13 year olds.

Where and when

SA Aquatic and Leisure Centre 443 Morphett Road, Oaklands Park.

  • Friday 26 March 2021 for country districts and students with disabilities.
  • Thursday 25 March 2021 for metro districts.

Division 2 morning session, doors open at 8.00am with the session finishing at 11.20am.

Division 1 afternoon session, doors open at 12.35pm with the session finishing at 4.00pm.

On arrival check in with your district team official. Districts will be allocated to areas, look for your district banner.

Students with disabilities should arrive at least 30minutes prior to their first event. On arrival check in with the coordinator at your designated seating area.


Students with disabilities participate with country division 2 districts.

Country division 1

  • Barker
  • Barossa and Light
  • Gawler
  • Hills
  • Lower Eyre Peninsula
  • Lower South East
  • Mid North
  • North Eastern
  • Riverland
  • Southern Fleurieu
  • Upper South East

Country division 2

  • Central Eyre Peninsula
  • Kangaroo Island
  • Mid South East
  • Murray Mallee
  • Murraylands
  • Northern
  • Northern Yorke Peninsula
  • Pirie
  • Southern Yorke Peninsula
  • Western Eyre Peninsula
  • Whyalla

Metro division 1

  • Adelaide South East
  • Airport
  • City South
  • East Adelaide
  • North Adelaide
  • Port
  • South West
  • Southern Heights
  • Torrens River

Metro division 2

  • Adelaide North East
  • Onkaparinga North
  • Onkaparinga South
  • Para Districts
  • Playford
  • Salisbury East
  • Southern Valley
  • Tea Tree Gully
  • Western


Venue entry for athletes and spectators

Swimmers and spectators including children pay $5.00inc GST at entry to the venue.

How to enter

Trials are held in each district to select a team to compete at the swimming championship. Ask your school for your district trial details or contact your School Sport SA district convenor.

What is classification for students with disabilities

Classification exists in sport to support as fair competition as possible amongst athletes with different disabilities.

By grouping athletes with similar levels of functional ability into classes for competition, the outcomes of the competition become based on performance rather than on differences in their disabilities.

Students who do not fit into one of these categories may not be able to be classified.

  • Physical or functional
  • Vision impairment
  • Intellectual
  • Deaf
  • Transplant

Classification is coordinated by Athletics SA and must be organised 60 days prior to competing. See Classification Swimming Australia for further details and how get classified. 


All districts will be required to supply volunteers to assist with timekeeping and the false rope. Speak to your district team officials if you can help.

Rules and conditions of the swimming Sapsasa state championships

14 year old participation

  • 14 year olds in primary schools can compete at the School Sport SA swimming championships.
  • Swimmers will compete in the 13 year old age group.
  • 14 year old swimmers will receive points allocated for their finishing place and all swimmers finishing below will have their place upgraded by one and will be allocated points based on their upgraded finishing position.

Championship rules

  • District are limited to 1 entry per event excluding wild card entries. Districts may not use more than 6 individual wildcards with a maximum of 2 competitors in any event.
  • Swimmers can compete in no more than 3 individual events.
  • Metro swimmers can compete in 1 relay. Country swimmers can compete in 2 relays.
  • Changes to swimmer and team entries must be submitted by the team manager at least 30 minutes prior to the first event of the session. No late additions or changes will be accepted.
  • School Sport SA reserves the right to divide any event into heats or to run concurrently any two or more heats.
  • All individual and relay event placings will be determined on times as all events will be timed finals.
  • Swimmers must remain in the pool in their lanes until told to leave the water. The first 3 swimmers will be asked to wait on pool deck ready for medal presentations.
  • Points will be allocated for all final events including relays and will be 20, 18, 16, 14, 12, 10, 8, 6, 4 and 2 for first to tenth place. One point will be awarded to athletes placed eleventh or higher.
  • Starting method will be 'take your marks', 'beep and light flash'.
  • The one start rule applies.
  • A false start will result in disqualification. Swimmers in individual events and relays will still be given the opportunity to swim if they have false started.
  • A district team official must notify the event convenor of the intention to protest within 5 minutes of the event concluding. The Chief Referee will be advised and asked to provide a ruling. The Swimming SA referee's decision is final.
  • Except where otherwise specified, the rules of Swimming SA will be used.


  • Teams are made up of 4 swimmers from the same district.
  • Second, third and fourth swimmers must not dive into the water until the previous swimmer touches the wall.


  • Swimmers must check in to the marshalling area as soon as their events are called.
  • Only swimmers and officials on duty can be in the marshalling area and pool enclosure.

Swimming costumes

  • The costumes of all swimmers should be in good moral taste and suitable for the sport of swimming.
  • Costumes must be non-transparent.
  • Caps are optional.
  • Swimmers who want their times used by Swimming SA the Swimming SA swimwear rule applies.

A summary of key points for swimming costumes are

  • For males, the swimsuit shall not extend above the navel or below the knees.
  • For females, the swimsuit shall not cover the neck or extend past the shoulders, nor shall extend below the knees. The upper back shall be bare. The swimsuit may be 1 or 2 pieces.
  • No zippers or other fastening system is allowed, except for a tie around the waist.
  • Only 1 swimsuit is permitted. Swimmers may choose to wear underwear as long as it is not exposed.
  • The swimsuit must be made of woven material and not have any plastic or polyurethane panels.
  • Must be FINA approved or a traditional swimsuit commercially available.


Previous results, records and winners history

Freestyle records


Event Time Year Record holder name District
10 year 50m 32.21s 2011 J Bastian Southern Heights
11 year 50m 29.80s 2012 J Bastian Southern Heights
12 year 50m 28.44d 2013 J Bastian Southern Heights
13 year 50m 27.47s 2011 K Chalmers Lower Eyre Peninsula
Open 100m 57.78s 2011 K Chalmers Lower Eyre Peninsula


Event Time Year Record holder name District or school
10 year 50m 32.88


S Song

Adelaide South East

11 year 50m 30.49s 1990 E Philp South West
12 year 50m 29.19s 2012 T Bastian Southern Heights
13 year 50m 27.79s 2013 T Bastian Southern Heights
Open 100m 1:00.40m 2007 M Maselli-Sheridan Adelaide South East

Breaststroke records


Event Time Year Record holder name District or school
10 year 43.06s 1996 T Hore Tea Tree Gully
11 year 40.30s 2004 B Brewerton East Adelaide
12 year 37.68s 1998 T Hore Tea Tree Gully
13 year 35.08s 2018 Z Phua East Adelaide


Event Time Year Record holder name District or school
10 years 44.32s 1997 A Margrison Salisbury East
11 years 40.34s 1998 K George Port
12 years 35.72s 2005 E Thorn Barossa & Light
13 years 36.14s 2014 E McGiffert Gawler

Backstroke records


Event Time Year Record holder name District or school
10 year 37.12s 1995 S Beinke Airport Western
11 year 35.97s 2012 J Bastian Southern Heights
12 year 32.93s 2014 J Thomas Onkaparinga North
13 year 32.79s 2012 J Desmond Elizabeth


Event Time Year Record holder name District or school
10 year 38.00s 2007 S Song Adelaide South East
11 year 35.21s 2006 M Maselli-Sheridan Adelaide South East
12 year 34.02s 2018 S Hancl East Adelaide
13 years 31.96s 2017 S Healy Torrens River
4 x 100m relay 52.3s 1969 Team Woodville
Discus 35.67m 2006 Z Davies Tea Tree Gully
High jump 1.62m 1986 S McCulloch Salisbury II
Long jump 5.15m 1991 N Beveridge Onkaparinga
Shot put 10.45m 2001 J McPhail South West

Butterfly records


Event Time Year Record holder name District or school
10 years 34.82s 2017 B Hammond Lower Eyre Peninsula
11 years 32.57 2018 B Hammond Lower Eyre Peninsula
12 year 31.23s 2013 J Bastian Southern Heights
13 year 29.01s 2011 K Chalmers Lower Eyre Peninsula


Event Time Year Record holder name District or school
10 year 35.55s 2007 S Song Adelaide South East
11 year 33.48s 2012 E Siddle Tea Tree Gully
12 year 30.02s 2007 M Maselli-Sheridan Adelaide South East
13 year 29.80s 2016 E White East Adelaide

Relay records


Event Time Year District
10 year 4 x 50m freestyle 2:24.91m 1995 Airport Western
11 year 4 x 50m freestyle 2:18.35m 2018 East Adelaide
12 year 4 x 50m freestyle 2:07.53m 2019 East Adelaide
13 year 4 x 50m freestyle 2:03.17m 2019 East Adelaide
Open 4 x 50m medley 2:17.61m 2017 Southern Heights


Event Time Year District
10 year 4 x 50m freestyle 2:29.37m 1993 Airport Western
11 year 4 x 50m freestyle 2:17.23m 2017 East Adelaide
12 year 4 x 50m freestyle 2:06.23m 2018 East Adelaide
13 year 4 x 50m freestyle 2:06.68m 2013 Airport
Open 4 x 50m medley 2:16.97m 2016 East Adelaide

Country previous winners history

2020   No competition held

2019   Upper South East

2018   Hills

2017   Southern Fleurieu

2016   Gawler

2015   Gawler

2014   Gawler

2013   Gawler

2012   Lower South East

2011   Lower South East

2010   Gawler

2009   Upper South East

2008   Southern

2007   Riverland

2006   Gawler

2005   Upper South East

2004   Upper South East

2003   Upper South East

2002   Upper South East

2001   Upper South East

2000   Upper South East

1999   Upper South East

1998   Riverland

1997   Southern

1996   Southern

1995   Mid South East

1994   Southern

1993   Southern

1992   Southern

1991   Southern

1990   Southern

1989   Murraylands

1988   Riverland

1987   Upper South East

1986   Southern

1985   Riverland

1984   Flinders View Primary School

1983   Murraylands

1982   Berri Primary School

1981   Berri Primary School

1980   Berri Primary School

1979   Cummins Area School

1978   Barmera Primary School

1977   Barmera Primary School

1976   Millicent North Primary School

1975   Millicent North Primary School

1974   Millicent North Primary School

1973   Millicent North Primary School

1972   Millicent North Primary School

1971   Millicent North Primary School

1970   Millicent North Primary School

1969   Risdon Park Primary School

1968   Willsden Primary School

1967   Kadina Memorial School

1966   Kadina Memorial School

1965   Morphett Vale Primary School

1964   Morphett Vale Primary School

1963   No result

1962   No result

1961   No result

1960   No result

1959   Yankalilla Area School

1958   Victor Harbor R-7 School

1957   Victor Harbor R-7 School

1956   Victor Harbor R-7 School

1955   Tailem Bend Primary School

1954   Berri Primary School

1953   Warooka Primary School

Metropolitan previous winners history

2020   No competition held

2019   Airport

2018   South West

2017   East Adelaide

2016   East Adelaide

2015   South West

2014   South West

2013   South West

2012   Salisbury East

2011   Tea Tree Gully

2010   Southern Heights

2009   Southern Heights

2008   South West

2007   South West

2006   South West

2005   Southern Heights

2004   South West

2003   South West

2002   South West

2001   South West

2000   Southern Heights

1999   East Adelaide

1998   South East

1997   East Adelaide

1996   Airport / Western

1995   East Adelaide

1994   Southern Valley

1993   East Adelaide

1992   Southern Valley

1991   Onkaparinga

1990   Onkaparinga

1989   Southern Valley

1988   Onkaparinga

1987   Onkaparinga

1986   East Adelaide

1985   Western

1984   Salisbury Team 1

1983   Onkaparinga

1982   Salisbury

1981   Salisbury

1980   Salisbury

1979   Salisbury

1978   Salisbury North West

1977   Salisbury

1976   Salisbury

1975   Salisbury

1974   Salisbury

1973   Salisbury

1972   Klemzig Primary School

1971   Klemzig Primary School

1970   Klemzig Primary School

1969   Woodville Primary School

1968   Klemzig Primary School

1967   Seaton Park Primary School

1966   Woodville Primary School

1965   Ridley Grove Primary School

1964   Ridley Grove Primary School

1963   Ridley Grove Primary School

1962   Seaton Park Primary School

1961   Ridley Grove Primary School

1960   Alberton Primary School

1959   Plympton Primary School

1958   Ridley Grove Primary School

1957   Alberton Primary School

1956   Ridley Grove Primary School

1955   Glenelg Primary School

1954   Alberton Primary School

1953   Alberton Primary School


School Sport SA

Phone: 8416 5900
Email: education.schoolsportsa [at] sa.gov.au