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Finance committee support in governing councils

If you have any finance or budget questions you can contact us or the Site Financial Support team by phone 1800 100 191 or email Education.SiteFinancialResources [at] sa.gov.au

Site finance – intranet information

There is a set of finance information that has been written specifically for site leaders and finance officers that is only available on the department’s intranet (staff login required). The information you can see on this website is about day-to-day and how-to finance procedures.

Your site’s leader will be able to access this information and guide you through it and how it applies to you. If anyone on your finance advisory committee needs access to one of these documents, they can ask the site leader to provide them.

If you have any issues with accessing finance information that you need in your role on a council please contact us.

Site Governance, Partnerships, Schools and Preschools

Phone: 8226 9617
EmailEducation.sitegovernance [at] sa.gov.au