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Finance roles in governing councils

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When you're on a council you’ll need to keep a check on the budget for your site (school or preschool). You’ll be working with a group of people who have different responsibilities for different areas of the budget process.

The financial management checklist (PDF 505KB) will help you to know what sort of information you should be receiving in these different roles.

Budget reporting roles

This is only about how people share information with you on the council. People have other reporting responsibilities, but we do not cover that here. It allows you to see how different people can help you with the job of dealing with your site’s finances.

Who What sort of tasks Reports to

How information is shared for budget tasks and reporting – sites and councils

Site finance officer
  • Enters information into budget reporting system.
  • Site leader.
Site leader
  • Prepares a budget report for the council.
  • Education director.
Finance advisory committee
  • Helps to analyse and review the budget, ready for discussion with the council
  • Contribute to financial strategy and planning.
  • Presents finance information to the governing council
  • Chairs the finance advisory committee.
  • Governing council.
Chairperson and council members
  • Monitors and reviews site budget – as an overview, not line by line.


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