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Governing council fees for school-based preschools

The department’s preschool model constitution is the basis for requesting preschool contribution fees from families of students.

At a school-based preschool, the school’s governing council works with the preschool director to set, review and approve the site’s fees. Fee structure in a preschool is a single fee set by the council.  The fee is a contribution towards the cost of the student doing the preschool program.

Who approves fees

The school’s governing council approves the preschool fee. The preschool director in consultation with the council will set the fee based on the estimated cost of providing the program.

Keeping records

The approval of the preschool program contribution must be minuted at the governing council meeting.

Financial support for families

If a family cannot pay the fee, their children must not be excluded from the program.

If there is financial hardship, the director can offer an instalment plan option, or reduce or waive the fee.

Waiving and reducing debt

Debt waiving and reduction activities must be recorded in preschool records and reviewed on a regular basis by the council. This must happen in a way that does not identify individuals but does allow for discussion about recovery processes and policies.

Costs of optional activities

If optional activities are offered for children (for example excursions) and there is a cost to the preschool, the parents can be charged an extra amount for their child to take part. If the parent gives permission for their child to attend and signs an agreement to pay for this additional charge, the parent will be legally liable for this cost.

Other fees and subsidies

Multiple-birth subsidy

Families with multiple-birth children are eligible to apply for a preschool subsidy, of up to $100 per term.  The subsidy is only available for the third and following multiple-birth child’s attending either the preschool program or the other services provided by the site. All claims should be made in writing and signed by the parent/guardian and the preschool director.

Your preschool director can guide you through this process.

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