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Budgets in governing councils

As part of your role on a council you’ll need to keep a check on the budget for your site (school/preschool).

A report from the treasurer is usually reviewed and discussed at ordinary meetings of the council. This usually happens after the finance advisory committee has met.

It is not the responsibility of the council to prepare the budget. The site leader will do this.

Once a year, the council reviews the final budget and sets the budget for the following year.

How information gets to you on the council

Keeping a check on the budget – every couple of weeks

What you should be hearing about

  • How the site’s actual income and expenditure is tracking.
  • Any possible problems with the budget, such as early signs that income or expenditure will be outside of budgeted amounts. For example, a significant drop in the number of students.
  • Recommended actions for possible risks.

Approving the budget – once a year

  • By the end of term 4, the site leader prepares the draft budget for the finance advisory committee and treasurer.
  • The finance advisory committee works with the site leader to fine-tune the budget.
  • The treasurer shares an interim budget with the council.
    • At this point, you and other members of the council can suggest changes to the budget.
  • By the end of term 1 a governing council approves the final budget.

What you can expect to see

It’s the site leader’s responsibility to share reports with the council via the finance advisory committee. The financial management checklist, governing council, schools and preschools (PDF 487KB) will help you to know what sort of information you should expect to see and when.

Who to contact if you aren’t getting the information you need

Talk to your site leader first, but if you can’t find what you need, please contact us.

More than budgets

Councils have broader responsibilities than just budgets. In the same way as budgets, you’ll be kept informed by the finance advisory committee. Many things can affect your site’s budget, including:

  • material services and charges
  • fees
  • procurement
  • affiliated committees
  • financial authorisations (delegations)
  • debtor management
  • asset losses and thefts
  • donations
  • fundraising.

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