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What you do on governing councils

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When you're appointed to be on a school or preschool's council it can seem like there’s a lot you need to do. However, there’s a difference between what you do and what you only need to monitor and review.

What you do

  • finance and budgets approve the budget
  • propose constitutions 
  • attend meetings 
  • set up council committees and attend the meetings
  • report to the Minister for Education once a year
  • report to the school community, once a year
  • be involved in the selection of principals (by 1 person being on the panel)
  • approve school closures
  • consult with the preschool or school community and make sure their views are represented.

What you monitor and review

Site Governance, Partnerships, Schools and Preschools

Phone: 8226 9617
EmailEducation.sitegovernance [at] sa.gov.au