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Governing councils responsibilities

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Governance versus management

Governing councils govern. This is not the same as managing. It’s more about guiding and setting direction. You do not work alone when you're on a council. You and the site leader have shared responsibilities, but your day-to-day involvement is different.

Examples of different responsibilities – councils and site leaders

A comparison of responsibilities – site leaders and governing councils
Area of responsibility Site leaders (principals or directors) Governing councils
Curriculum Lead the development of teaching and learning programs, and set up timetables and teacher/class allocations. Provide advice to the site leader to make sure the curriculum offered meets local community needs. For example, a specialist program.
Student achievement Monitor individual student achievement against the department’s standards. -
Student management Manage all areas of student wellbeing and discipline. Consult with the site's community to assist when policies are made or reviewed.
Staff management (example 1) Manage all department staff. For example, teaching performance, discipline and complaints. -
Staff management (example 2) Day-to-day management of staff employed by the council, including performance management. Performance management covers dealing with allegations of misconduct or negligence. Overall responsibility and management of council employees.
Staff employment (example 1) Employ the department’s teaching and non-teaching staff. Employ some staff. For example, out of school hours care and canteen.
Staff employment (example 2) - Take part in an interview panel to employ the site’s principal or director.
Big picture planning Carry out the initiatives and work towards achieving the goals in the site improvement plan. Work on the site improvement plan and set strategic directions.
Finance Prepare and supply financial reports to the council via the finance advisory committee. Review, approve and keep a check on the site budget.
Reporting Draft the annual report and share the information. Endorse the annual report and report to the site's community – and the minister – at least once a year.

Other people/committees

Out of school hours care (OSHC) staff are managed by the OSHC director, who is supervised by the site leader.

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