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About community hubs in schools

Hubs are a way to connect families and communities with:

  • their school
  • each other
  • local community
  • local services.

A hub can mean different things in different schools. Some examples are when:

  • the school’s facilities are shared with community groups
  • the school community works together to improve attendance and learning outcomes
  • volunteers and families share cultural celebrations
  • service agencies share school space to provide services to children and families at the school

When schools do this, it is called a community hub.

What we mean by ‘school community’

A school’s community always includes students and staff at the school, and goes further. For example:

  • families
  • volunteers
  • local groups and clubs
  • government and non-government services and organisations.

Why do this – the benefits of hubs in schools

If your school decides to set up a hub you should keep your focus on the outcomes for students and families. Start by thinking about the benefits.

How schools can work as community hubs

Let’s listen to Rick Persse, Chief Executive, talk about community hubs.

Benefits for students

A hub can improve student learning and wellbeing.

There can be improved:

  • literacy and numeracy outcomes
  • attendance and engagement in learning
  • positive behaviour at home and school
  • strong connection to school and learning
  • higher school completion rates.

There can be increased:

  • interaction with the community promoting belonging and citizenship
  • access to support services which can enhance health and wellbeing.

Benefits for the school

A hub can create a bigger team to achieve better outcomes for students.

There can be improved:

  • school completion and achievement rates
  • connections with local services and the community
  • relationships with staff, students and families

There can be increased:

  • use of local services by having them onsite
  • use of school facilities afterhours, helping reduce vandalism

Benefits for families

A hub can improve family and student relationships with the school.

There can be improved:

  • sense of belonging
  • capacity to help children do better at school
  • involvement in their child’s education through decision-making and participation
  • parent self-esteem
  • links with community resources and services increasing access to community assets and networks
  • increased access to support services when required enhancing wellbeing.

National research and evaluation on community hubs

Schools as Community Hubs

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