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Share and celebrate success – schools as community hubs

When your school has a hub, it’s good to celebrate small and big wins. Use these celebrations to draw in and engage with more families.

Talk to the people who use your hub. Find out what:

  • makes it work
  • what could make it better.

Ways to promote your hub and share success

Tailor your communications to your audiences.

Word of mouth

  • Speak about your hub at meetings you attend.
  • Invite people to visit your hub.
  • Call for volunteers.

Promotional material

  • Write articles for your school’s newsletter.
  • Highlight programs or activities – especially if they are free.
  • Encourage local libraries or councils to display flyers.

Social media

  • Promote on your school’s website or social media pages.
  • Develop a short video or case study to share.

Share the challenges too

Keep a record of feedback – both good and bad. You need to understand why something has or hasn’t worked if you want to improve.

Not everything works the first time. It’s okay to talk about this. It’s part of how you can find solutions.

Schools as Community Hubs

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