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Learn about and include your school’s community – schools as community hubs

An inclusive culture

Inclusion is about valuing:

  • diversity
  • individual and community capabilities and assets
  • unique interests
  • participation
  • community decision making
  • equity.

Valuing diversity is the inclusion of community members recognising their:

  • age
  • culture
  • religion
  • disability
  • gender
  • sexuality
  • economic status
  • family structure
  • geographic location

Inclusion builds connection, community and success

Your school community hub will be more successful if it is inclusive. School Community hubs can be more welcoming by:

  • listening to the voices of all community members
  • encouraging all community members to participate
  • valuing of the knowledge, skills, expertise and practices of all community members
  • showing respect for all  
  • being responsive to relevant local concerns and priorities

‘As a leader you can make a lot of presumptions of what your community might like, but you really need to find out from them.’

- School principal

The importance of getting to know your school community – a video

Watch a video from Morphett Vale primary school about getting to know your school community.

Equity matters

The value of inclusion means the benefits from the school community hub need to be share with everyone in the community. In fact, school community hubs are designed to share community resources. Your school might have specific equity groups to keep in mind when planning partnerships. For example considering the benefits to:

  • Aboriginal students
  • students who live in out of home care
  • students from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds
  • students living with disability
  • students who are gender diverse, intersex and sexually diverse or LGBTIQ+
  • students who are young carers
  • students who live remotely
  • students who have been connected, or are connected, to the juvenile justice system.

Schools as Community Hubs

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