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Get to know your local community – schools as community hubs

To create strong connections to your school’s community hub, you can start with your local community.

Find out about the services in your local community

When you set up a hub you can build on existing relationships with:

  • other government and non-government organisations
  • community and faith groups
  • local services and businesses.

It’s useful to create a map of the services available. You can get your students to help discover and map what’s around. This could be included as part of a curriculum task.

Learn about the needs in your local community

Use these ideas to find out more about what’s happening locally. Consider whose role it will be to coordinate this.

  • Hold a focus group – ask specific questions and take notes.
  • Have students conduct a survey – keep it short and ask specific questions. This could be included as part of the curriculum.
  • Hold an information session – ask for feedback or information.
  • Meet with parent groups – ask specific questions and take notes.
  • Hold a fundraiser event – ask people for their ideas.
  • Tap into staff knowledge about local families or needs—speak with them individually, at a staff meeting or try an email survey.
  • Ask your students – they may have great ideas.
  • Talk to parents who are not engaged in the school—they may have the greatest needs and best ideas.
  • Have families complete community skills and interests template – send home to families at the start of the school year.

Use specialist or community knowledge

  • Talk to specific education staff groups. For example, Aboriginal education staff.
  • Work with support staff or community centres or groups. This can help you reach people who are culturally and linguistically diverse.
  • Meet with local businesses e.g. local radio

‘I’ve learnt that people have great capacity and so many skills so why would we not want to make use of them.’

- School principal

Work with the local community to improve learning opportunities – a video

Schools as Community Hubs

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