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Review your progress – schools as community hubs

To make sure your hub is sustainable it’s a good idea to continually review:

  • what you are doing
  • if the hub is helping the school achieve its goals.

Use your data to build your story

Real life stories are powerful ways to demonstrate the benefits of your hub. If you have used evidence and data you will have some idea of how you have been doing over time. Include students when reviewing your data.

Adapting to change

When students and school staff move on and new cohorts come in, existing relationships change and new ones develop. This requires ongoing attention from leaders and staff.

Questions to consider: do you need to change what you do?

  • Is your outcome still relevant?
  • Are your participants’ needs still the same?
  • Is your hub action group still committed and relevant?
  • If you are collecting data what is it telling you?
  • What are the strengths of the hub?
  • What could you improve?

Questions to consider: measuring success

To have good news stories, you need to understand what you achieved.

  • Did we achieve what we set out to do?
  • What measures tell us how well we did?
  • Did we make a difference?
  • Do we have data that shows our progress?

Schools as Community Hubs

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