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Sexual behaviour in children and young people

Responding to problem sexual behaviour in children and young people: Guidelines for staff in education and care settings, 2019 (PDF 5MB), is now in its 3rd edition.

The guidelines are for staff who work with children and young people in government and non-government settings. This includes:

  • family day care
  • centre-based child care
  • out of school hours care
  • preschools
  • schools.

The guidelines assist staff to:

  • recognise problem sexual behaviour
  • understand their role and the roles of others when responding to problem sexual behaviour.

The guidelines help staff respond to problem sexual behaviour, including working with:

  • children and young people
  • families and caregivers
  • other professionals.

Support and information for parents and carers

If your child has been involved in problem sexual behaviour, we encourage you to work closely with your child’s school, preschool school or care provider.

To make sure everyone is safe, parents, carers and educators need to work together to support children and young people.

You might also want to seek professional support for your child from health services. Your child’s school, preschool or care provider can assist you with where you can get help. 

Engagement and Wellbeing

Email: education.engagementandwellbeing [at] sa.gov.au