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Health care plans

A child or student’s health and wellbeing are tied to their ability to learn. The department aims to ensure the best educational outcomes for all children and students by providing support to their health and wellbeing needs.

Health care plans specify the arrangements and staff training necessary to help children with health conditions attend school or preschool.

Non-specific health care plans

The general health information (DOC 48KB) document is a basic health care plan. A treating health professional and parent or guardian should complete the plan for a student who may require added care or supervision. Other documents are available below for more specific health care needs.

The health support planning in education and children’s services (PDF 478KB) document helps education and childcare workers to plan safe, reasonable and consistent health support in partnership with families and health professionals.

Individual first aid plan (DOC 31KB)
Medical information care plan (DOC 62KB)

Specific health care plans

Acquired brain injury (ABI)

Acquired brain injury care plan (DOC 27.6KB)

Allergy and anaphylaxis

All information and resources for allergy and anaphylaxis, including health care plans, can be found at the Australasian Society of Clinical Immunology and Allergy (ASCIA) website.


Asthma care plan (Asthma Australia)
Asthma care plan (Word 102KB)


Oncology patient care plan (PDF 512KB)
Intravenous (IV) care frequently asked questions (DOC 115KB)

Continence care

Continence care plan (DOC 136KB)
Ileostomy, colostomy, urostomy care and learning plan (DOC 136KB)
Intermittent catheterisation care and learning plan (DOC 125KB)

Cystic fibrosis

Cystic fibrosis care plan (DOC 190KB)
Cystic fibrosis planning support guide (DOC 82KB)


Diabetes care plan with an insulin injection (PDF 442KB)
Diabetes care plan with an insulin pump (PDF 437KB)
Information for young people with diabetes (PDF 161KB)

Children with high blood glucose

Children with insulin pumps - flowchart (PDF 112KB)
Children without insulin pumps - flowchart (PDF 116KB)

Children with low blood glucose

Children with insulin pumps - flowchart (PDF 111KB)
Children without insulin pumps - flowchart (PDF 111KB)

Eating and drinking care

Oral eating and drinking care plan (DOC 120KB)
Oral eating and drinking observation log (DOC 66KB)

Epilepsy and seizures

Intranasal midazolam (INM) authority (PDF 439KB)
Seizure care plan  (DOC 95KB)
Seizure observation log (DOC 69KB)

Heart health

Heart health care plan (PDF 720KB)


Hydrocephalus and shunt care plan (DOC 6MB)

Infestation, including head lice

Healthy heads without head lice: control of head lice in SA guidelines (SA Health)

Medication management

These documents are not for use for intranasal midazolam or adrenaline auto-injector.

Medication authority  (DOC 65KB)
Multiple medication authority (DOC 96KB) (for use when four or more medications are prescribed to an individual)
Medication log (General Use) (PDF 72KB)
Medication log for Family Day Care (DOC 130KB)

Osteogenesis imperfecta

Osteogenesis imperfecta care plan (PDF 503KB)

Spina bifida

Spina bifida care plan (PDF 57KB)

Transfer and positioning

Transfers and positioning health care plan  (DOC 217KB)

Department staff can access more information about health support training and resources on the Department for Education Intranet (staff login required).


Information for families and students

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