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Statistics and reports about schools, preschools, students and staff

The education department produces a range of reports and statistics relating to sites, students and staff in South Australian government schools and preschools.

Education data is available in 'csv' format on Data SA.

2022 reports

2021 reports

2020 reports

2019 reports

2018 reports

2017 reports

2016 reports

2015 reports

2014 reports

2013 reports

2012 reports

2011 reports

2010 reports

Resource entitlement statements

These are the final versions of the 2010 resource entitlement statements that have been issued to schools. In a small number of cases there may be some aspects of the statements still under discussion with schools. Any further adjustments will be reflected in the 2011 statements.

2009 reports

Data Reporting and Analytics

EmailEducation.DataReportingAnalytics [at] sa.gov.au